Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Minneapolis, Minnesota


OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of St. Mary’s Cathedral is to glorify God and build up the Body of Christ through the sacramental life and liturgical worship of the Orthodox Church.  We strive to nurture and enrich the Christian formation of the faithful through our common prayer and ministries of pastoral care, education, service and fellowship.

OUR VISION STATEMENT: 'An Orthodox Cathedral Community attractive and accessible to all' - Building upon the resources of our historic Orthodox community in Northeast Minneapolis, we envision a Cathedral that is capable of attracting people and accessible to all.  Our welcome and our desire to share the Orthodox Christian faith will be sincere and enthusiastic.  Our sacramental life and worship will be rich and compelling.  Our preaching and teaching will be practical, imaginative and inspiring.  Our pastoral care will be proactive, loving and consistent.  Our educational programs will be thorough and addressed to all age groups.  The remarkable diversity of the Cathedral community will be reflected in the many small groups active in fellowship and service.  Through these groups, the faithful will find effective ways to participate in parish life and to encourage one another in Christian living.  In all things, God will be glorified in a spirit of mutual love and service.

OUR CORE VALUES: As an Orthodox Christian community, we are committed to:

  • live a life of worship and prayer, rooted in the sacramental and liturgical tradition of the Church
  • nurture the faithful through teaching, preaching and study
  • raise our children and youth to love and serve Christ and His Church
  • strive to live according to the moral vision of the Church
  • encourage and enable one another in discipleship and commitment to Christ and His Church through the fellowship and ministry of small groups
  • provide pastoral care and guidance for the faithful at all stages of spiritual life
  • share our faith through witness, service, evangelism and mission
  • glorify God through faithful stewardship

As a Cathedral parish, we are determined:

  • to celebrate the Orthodox liturgical cycle in as full a manner as possible; to follow the customary liturgical practice of Cathedral communities in the Orthodox Church in America; to ensure our liturgical worship is of the highest standard
  • to offer a comprehensive program for the ongoing Christian formation and pastoral care of children and youth, young adults, adult couples and singles, families, seniors, shut-ins, and those in hospitals and other institutions
  • to set a standard of excellence in participating in deanery, diocesan and national Church programs and activities; to exercise a positive leadership role within the larger Orthodox community; to develop and ensure an effective Orthodox presence and to offer authentic Orthodox resources within the wider community of the Twin Cities
  • to reach out and welcome our neighbors, visitors and all spiritual seekers in a spirit of Christian hospitality and service


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