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Mother Maria (Skobtsova) of Paris (1945)

Yesterday we commemorated Mother Maria of Paris, a nun who died as a martyr at the infamous Ravensbruck concentration camp on Holy Saturday in 1945.

As a young woman she lived a colorful life amidst the turmoil of the Russian revolution and the enormous challenges of exile. She was divorced twice, had three children, and eventually found a profound personal calling in social work, ministering to the neediest of the needy in Paris. Her own sufferings led her to open her heart in co-suffering love to the needs of others.

With the encouragement of Metropolitan Evology, she took monastic vows yet continued her work 'in the world'. She rented a house and made it a haven for the destitute. During the Nazi occupation of Paris she was actively involved in helping persecuted Jews. Ultimately she was discovered and arrested and sent to Ravensbruck. According to the testimony of witnesses, on Holy Saturday in 1945 she voluntarily took the place of someone else slated for the gas chamber. The Ecumenical Patriarchate glorified her in 2004 along with several of her co-workers, Fr. Dimitri Klepnin, her adult sons Yuri and Ilya Fondamensky. Holy Mother Maria pray to God for us!

 ~ Fr. Andrew

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