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Commemoration of the Earthquake of AD 447

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal have mercy on us!

Among the commemorations on this date is that of the devastating earthquakes around Constantinople in 447. This area was disturbed by quakes over a long four months. Many walls and buildings were destroyed, thousands of people died - mostly of starvation and disease - and there was a general economic collapse. At one point, the Patriarch Proclus arranged a procession, with prayers offered at various stations around the City. It is recorded that during this procession, a young boy was lifted up into the sky, as if by some invisible power. Everyone cried out "Lord, have mercy!" and when he fell back to earth he cried out that the people should pray: "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us!" This, he said, is what he had heard angels singing. The Patriarch not only encouraged the faithful in procession to sing this Trisagion - the thrice-holy - but introduced it into the Divine Liturgy. Of course, we now sing it elsewhere too (at burial and memorial services, at the end of Holy Week, the Veneration and Exaltation of the Cross) and above all as part of our personal and sacramental, liturgical prayers.

Fr. Andrew


With the lifting of the mask mandate for Minneapolis, the Cathedral no longer requires masks to be worn. Masks are welcome, however, and we ask that everyone follow good sense if they have any symptoms. The use of hand sanitizers and social distancing are still considered to be helpful. We are very grateful - before God and to our parish community - for our overall safety and stability through these long, difficult months! We look forward to seeing you!

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  (Galatians 6:2)

Schedule of ServicesServices listed below will be live streamed at

Monday, September 26
St. John the Theologian
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

, September 28
6:15 PM Vespers

, September 29
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Friday, September 30
6:15 PM Great Vespers & Litiya

Saturday, October 1
Protecton of the Holy Theotokos
7:45 AM Festal Matins
9:00 AM Festal Liturgy
2:00 PM Felegy 40-Day Parastas
5:00 PM Great Vespers
6:00 PM General Confession

Sunday, October 2  - 16th Sunday after Pentecost
St. Andrew the Fool for Christ
7:45 AM Matins @ Cathedral
9:00 PM Divine Liturgy @ Cathedral
12:30 PM William Goldsmith Baptism @ Cathedral

If you missed any of the live streaming services you can go to the playlist to replay them by clicking here


NOTE: Elevators available at both the Cathedral and the Parish Center.

This Week's Events
, September 26
Church Office Closed
Parish Center Closed

, September 27
7:00 PM Missions Committee Meeting

, September 28
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, September 29
7:00 PM Pan-Orthodox Choir Ministry Rehearsal
7:15 PM Theology on Thursdays

, September 30

Saturday, October 1
10:30 AM Feast Day Coffee Hour

Sunday, October 2
10:30 AM Saints Meeting @ Gym Stage
10:30 AM Coffee Hour @ Parish Center Dining Room
Coffee hour Volunteer sign-up:
11:00 AM Church School Classes @ Parish Center
12:00 PM Youth Folk Dance @ Pre-K Room


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