St. Mary's 125th Anniversary Cookbook

We celebrate and honor the 125th Anniversary of St. Mary's through its many generations of good cooks and wonderful food by publishing an Anniversary Cookbook.  The purpose of this book is to remember the foods of its heritage--then and now.  We have recipes for BaBa's chicken soup, Dad's barbecue sauce, Mom's State Fair-winning chocolate chip cookies, and sister's fudge.

St. Mary's Cookbook

Stop by "The 125th Boutique" and pick up your copies. The cost is $20; also available is a CD of the Cookbook recipes for $5 (not Mac compatible). After the anniversary celebration, the cookbooks will be available in the Olive Shoot Cathedral Shop.

The cookbook is a hard-cover, 3-ring book with 450 of our favorite recipes and memories. It includes a plastic stand (removable) for propping you book. Also included are 16 pages of cooking hints (everything from herbs & spices), measurement substitutions, food quantities, cooking terms and napkin folding! The divider pages have pictures from St. Mary's church events and helpful hints on the back of the page to make your work in the kitchen easier and quicker. You can add a plastic pencil case to keep loose recipes and

Remember, this would make a memorable gift for a wedding, birthday or Christmas. The cookbook is a useful gift with proceeds going to support St. Mary's Cathedral.




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