St. Alexis (Toth)

St. Alexis Toth

St. Alexis Toth

St ALEXIS was a true man of God who guided many Carpatho-Russian and Galician immigrants through the dark confusion of religious challenges in the New World and back to the unity of the Orthodox Church through his grace-filled words and by his holy example. His holy relics now rest at St. Tikhons Monastery in South Canaan, Pennsylvania where the faithful may come to venerate them and to entreat St ALEXIS' intercessions on their behalf.

In October, 1889 St. Alexis was appointed to serve as first pastor at St. Mary's (1889-1893). He was instrumental in bringing our community at St. Mary's into the Orthodox faith. Like another Abraham, he left his country and his relatives to fulfill the will of God (Gen 12:1).

Although the Minneapolis parish was received into the Orthodox Church in March, 1891, it was not until July, 1892 that the Holy Synod of Russia recognized and accepted the parish. This resolution reached America only in October, 1892. During that time there was a climate of religious and ethnic hostility against the new converts. Father Alexis was accused of selling out his own Carpatho-Russian people and his religion to the "Muscovites" for financial gain.

In reality he did not receive any financial support for a long time, for his parish was very poor. Until his priestly salary began to arrive from Russia, the righteous one was obliged to work in a bakery in order to support himself. Even though his funds were meager, he did not neglect to give alms to the poor and needy. He shared his money with other clergy worse off than himself, and contributed to the building of churches and to the education of seminarians in Minneapolis. He was not anxious about his life (Mt.6:25), what he would eat or drink or wear. Trusting in God to take care of him, St Alexis followed the admonition of Our Savior to "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you" (Mt.6:33). So he bore the tribulation, slander, and physical attacks with patience and spiritual joy, reminding us that "godliness is stronger than all" (Wisdom of Solomon 10:12).

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Writings of St. Alexis from the St. Mary's Metrical Book (Parish Register)
and translation from Latin
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From the Metrical Book, opening page:

For remembrance.

In the name of the Most Holy and Indivisible Trinity!

This register was begun by me, the undersigned, who, by order and mandate of the Most Illustrious and Most Reverend Lord Bishop of Eperies [ = Presov] of Catholics of the Greek Rite, John  Valyi,  of the Diocese of Eperies [ = Presov] in the County of Saros in Hungary, have been sent hither, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, as a Greek Catholic curate.  I arrived at my destination on the 28th of November 1889. I found a Greek Catholic church of wooden construction, but no register, nor was there a parish house.  My faithful, who had already been living here for some 11 years, mostly in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, [their children before my coming - these words are crossed out] solemnised their marriages and took care to have their children baptised  in Catholic churches of the Latin Rite and were buried by Catholic priests of the Latin Rite - German, Polish and Irish. The names of these faithful, as many as were made known to me, in no particular order, appear on the last pages of this register, and if necessary they may be sought here. This register was set in order by me on the aforementioned day, the 28th day of November 1889. Minneapolis.

Alexis George Toth, priest of the Greek Catholic Diocese of Eperies [ = Presov], County of Saros, Hungary, Europe; assessor of the Consistory of the Holy See; emeritus professor of the Diocesan Seminary of Sacred Theology in Eperies [ = Presov].

The record of births begins on page 2, through page [...]
" " " of marriages   " "                        269 through 532
" " " of deaths   " "                             533 through 790.

From page 790 and on the following pages are registered all those who have also been registered in [... ] churches of the Latin Rite, German, Polish and Irish.

A. Toth

This is the mark or official seal of the Minneapolis parish.


Theology in Eperies [ = Presov].


- translation by AM and GC



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