Iconography Workshops

St. Romanos and Archangel Michael


October 2021 Basic and Advanced Iconography Workshop

St. Mary's Cathedral will host a combined basic/advanced iconography workshop, October 3-9, 2021 for iconography students from across the country.

It is our rare privilege this year to welcome Vladislav Andrejev, founder of the Prosopon School (www.prosoponschool.org), and Dmitri Andreyev, to be teaching and writing St. Sophia the Wisdom of God.

Students following basic instruction will be writing a half-image of St. Sophia that has been adapted to learning the beginning techniques.


View slides from a previous workshop.

View brochure for October 2021 class.

    Contact Marilyn Johnson for this and future scheduled workshops ([email protected] or 612-378-0606 [lv msg]).

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