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Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

... the body is both adversary and friend: adversary in as much as it has been marred by the fall, friend in as much as it remains God's creation and is called to share in the resurrection glory. For the Christian, the body is not a tomb or prison, not a piece of clothing to be worn for a time and then cast aside, but an integral part of the true self. The Christian's aim is "a body made holy." Likewise, the passions, although a consequence of the fall and therefore no true part of human nature, are merely the distortion of the natural impulses implanted by God. While repudiating the passions, we should not reject the natural God-given impulses that underlie them, but should restore to good use that which has become misdirected as a result of the fall. Our watchword should be "transfigure" not "suppress"; "educate" not "eradicate". (David Abernathy, Conferences of St John Cassian, Conference Twelve on Chastity).

The extreme asceticism of St. Mary of Egypt is an example of the truth that when we have been caught up in excess sometimes equilibrium or balance is only achieved through an equal and opposite action: inebriation by strict sobriety, indulgence by abstinence, wildness by discipline - all with an eye to achieving a balance. In the case of St. Mary of Egypt, strict ascetic discipline tamed her fallen passions and she thus, by God's grace, achieved sanctity and wholeness: "Through self-denial thou didst tame the savagery of the passions, and through violence thou didst break the rebellion of thy flesh, // taking the Kingdom of God by force." (Verse at Vespers).

The Synaxarion tells us: "The memory of this righteous woman is celebrated on the first of every April; but the same is also appointed for today, since the end of the sacred forty-day fast now draws near, in order to rouse the slothful and the sinners unto repentance, since they have an example in her, the Saint who is being celebrated."

~ Fr. Andrew

Service Cancellation Policy

  • No one should travel to church for services if the road conditions are dangerous.
  • No services will be cancelled. Most services will be live streamed (links available below).
  • Those who cannot get to services should instead stay home, watch the live stream of the service if possible, and be happy in the knowledge that a priest and a chanter are singing the services and praying for them.
  • Cancellation of services and activities will be posted on our website:

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  (Galatians 6:2)

Schedule of ServicesServices listed below will be live streamed at

Monday, April 22

Tuesday April 23

Wednesday, April 24
9:00 AM Presanctified Liturgy

April 25

, April 26
9:00 AM Presanctified Liturgy
6:00 PM 9th Hour & Presanctified Liturgy

, April 27
Lazarus Saturday
8:15 AM 2nd Grader First Confessions
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy
5:00 PM Great Vespers & Litiya
6:00 PM General Confession

Sunday, April 28 - 47th Sunday after Pentecost
Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)
7:45 AM Matins @ Cathedral
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cathedral
12:00 PM Vespers (for Holy Monday) @ Cathedral

5:00 PM Pan-Orthodox Bridegroom Matins
St. Herman’s Orthodox Church, 5355 38th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 55412

If you missed any of the live streaming services you can go to the playlist to replay them by clicking here


NOTE: Elevators available at both the Cathedral and the Parish Center.

This Week's Events
Monday, April 22
7:30 AM Perohi: Set-up & food prep
9:00 AM Perohi Making

, April 23
7:30 AM Perohi: Set-up & dough making
9:00 AM Perohi Making
6:30 PM Grief Support Group
7:00 PM Balalaika Rehearsal

, April 24
6:30 PM Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, April 25

, April 26
8:00 PM Saints Friday Night Lenten Dinner

Saturday, April 27
10:00 AM Cathedral Clean-up Day (after liturgy)

Sunday, April 28
11:00 AM Church School @ Parish Center
11:00 AM Coffee Hour @ Dining Room


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