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Theotokos Presented in Temple
The Great Thanksgiving

The mouth which is continuously giving thanks, receives blessing from God. In the heart that always shows gratitude, grace abides. (St Isaac the Syrian)

It has been said that a person who is capable of gratitude to God will be saved. Those who are incapable of gratitude stand self-condemned.

The Divine Liturgy, which we call the Eucharist, is exactly our giving thanks to God, a service expressing our thankfulness to God. In giving thanks in the Liturgy, we join our thanks to the thanksgiving offered by the Saviour Himself: And he took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me."

Where does gratitude come from? Far too often, perhaps, we are ungrateful. We complain. We are indifferent. We are cynical. Not only concerning God, but to those who are close to us, our families and co-workers, friends and neighbors.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, and at the beginning of the Advent season, we must ask God to help us to renew gratitude in our minds and in our hearts. Spiritual life, spiritual health, flourish where gratitude is cultivated.

- Fr. Andrew


Service cancellation policy:

  • No one should travel to church for services if the road conditions are dangerous.
  • No services will be cancelled.
  • Those who cannot get to services should instead stay home, give thanks to God, be happy that at least a priest and a chanter are singing the services and praying for them.
  • Good church etiquiette also suggests staying home if you are sick or feel like you are coming down with an illness.

All services are held at the Cathedral unless otherwise noted.

Please watch the Messenger and website for places/times of other services.

Schedule of Services Nativity Fast Continues
, November 29
26th Sunday after Pentecost
6:15 PM Vespers (Apostle Andrew) @ Cathedral

, November 30
Apostle Andrew
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

, December 1
7:00 PM Advent Paraklesis

December 2
6:15 PM Vespers @ Cathedral

Thursday, December 3
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, December 5
4:30 PM Jesus Prayer @ Cathedral
5:00 PM Great Vespers @ Cathedral

Sunday, December 6
27th Sunday after Pentecost
7:45 AM Matins @ Cathedral
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cathedral
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy (Slavonic) @ Cemetery Chapel
11:00 AM Divine Liturgy @ Cathedral

NOTE: Elevators available at both the Cathedral and the Parish Center.

This Week's EventsNativity Fast Continues
, November 30
Church Office Closed
8:30 AM Perohi

Tuesday, December 1
8:30 AM Perohi
6:00 PM Stretcherise
7:00 PM Balalaika Rehearsal
7:30 PM Men’s Club Meeting

Wednesday, December 2
9:00 AM Wednesday Crew
6:00 PM Slovak Class I
7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal
7:00 PM Slovak Class II

Thursday, December 3
7:00 PM Women’s Club Meeting

Friday, December 4
11-3:00 PM Perohi Sales

Saturday, December 5
11:00 AM Rusin Association
3:00 PM Set up for the Church School Luncheon
Potluck Advent Talk following Vespers
7:30 PM Choir Concert

Sunday, December 6
11:00 AM Church School @ Parish Center
11:45 AM Church School Christmas Program @ Parish Center

7:30 PM Floor Hockey @ Gym


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