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Holy Communion
Communion Should be Participated in Reverence

Q: Shouldn't we pay attention to Communion in a very reverent way - in our prayers at Liturgy leading up to it, as we approach and participate in Communion, when we return to our places with gratitude? Isn't reverence best expressed in quietness, rather than bustle and talking?

A: Indeed, it is true, Communion is something entirely sacred, mysterious and wonderful, and we ought to approach it with great reverence, in peace. Both before and after, we strive for a spirit of calm, deep gratitude. Here is one of the very best texts on Holy Communion, which should give us pause, and should shape our attitude and behavior. St. Nicolas Cabasilas writes in The Life in Christ:

When Jesus Christ leads us to the holy table and gives us His own Body to eat, He transforms us completely and changes us into what He is Himself. Marked now with the impress of the royal seal, our clay is clay no longer, but itself becomes the very Body of the King; and it is not possible to imagine any state more blessed than this. This is the final mystery, and beyond this it is not possible to go, nor can anything be added to it.

'This is a great mystery', says St. Paul (Eph. 5:32), referring to our union with Christ in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is that mystical marriage, praised throughout all the world, in which the divine Bridegroom espouses the Church as His virgin bride. By this sacrament we are made 'flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone' (Gen. 2:23).

Under normal circumstances food is changed into the person who consumes it: fish, bread, and the like become human flesh and blood. But in Holy Communion the exact opposite happens. The Bread of Life Himself changes the person who eats, assimilating and transforming him into Himself.

See in what sense the Kingdom of heaven is within us.

- Fr. Andrew


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